Legend -13th Door Denver Haunted House

The Legend of the 13th Door – Denver Haunted House

On a very cold October night, John Barrington a wealthy Denver Millionaire was throwing his annual All Hallows Eve party in the Barrington Hotel’s Penthouse suite.

Andrew Barrington, John’s nephew, had a terrible gambling problem. Specifically, he was a terrible gambler. He owed lots of money to a lot of shady people. Many of them had grown tired of Andrew’s empty promises and were demanding that he make good on his debts or there would be severe consequences. Andrew went to his uncle’s hotel, desperately seeking his Uncle’s help. His Uncle, more Scrooge than benefactor, refused his pleadings and had Andrew thrown out. ¬†Andrew was driven insane by his uncle’s response.

Later that evening he returned to the hotel while the party was still in full swing and blocked all the exits to the ballroom and started a fire. Rescuers and bystanders at the scene were tortured by the screams of those trapped behind the locked doors. Only once the fire was put out, was the full horror of the tragedy known. Burned bodies were found throughout the entire hotel with no sign of the killer. Only one person survived the tragedy to tell the story, and that was because he found the only unblocked door……the 13th Door.

It is said you can still hear the screams of those burning alive as Andrew Barrington haunts the hotel seeking revenge on anyone who steps inside…

If you want to survive you must FIND THE 13TH DOOR!