13th Door Haunted House in Denver

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We are always looking for a few good ghosts.

You must be at least 16 years old to get paid to work. You can volunteer if you are 14 or 15, but can do so only with your parent’s permission. Like most actors, our Haunt Actors are independent contractors and are paid by the performance. Everyone needs to fill out paperwork each year, whether you have worked for us before or not.  If you are new, the first night you work will be your “audition” night.  This gives you a chance to see if you like “scaring” people and us a chance to see how you” scare” in front of a live audience.  This first night is also considered a volunteer night.  This is only applicable to new haunters.

The performance standards are raised each year at The 13th Door and having performed in a past production is not a guarantee that you will be cast this year. We are looking for actors that are willing to “give it all” to get a scare – while showing a minimum level of maturity and reliability. The safety of our actors and patrons is very important to us, we want to know that you will be capable of performing every night and with a little direction, that you will improve.

CASTING CALL – Saturday September 12 and 19, 2015 from Noon-3:00 pm.

There are two forms you will need to fill out prior to your try out. You can download them here and print them out to bring with you to one of our open haunted house casting call  at the 13th Door Haunted House location. If you can’t make it to try out, contact KathE by calling 303-HAUNTED (428-6833) or email.

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The 13th Door Haunted House is part of a family of Haunted Houses in Denver and surrounding areas. When we say family, we really mean it. Our entire family loves Halloween, right down to the grandchildren and we hope you enjoy our Haunted Houses. We are always interested in your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us with any comments you might have. Have a Safe and Scary Halloween!