Contemplating Denver Haunted Houses

Denver haunted house 100730
Where did Spring Go?

Just imagine, you’ve barely shaken off the snow and it’s already time to start making changes at the haunted house. Fankly I’m getting sick of the heat and starting to think I might be some sort of vampire… I try to avoid the sun and prefer working late at night. But it’s not about the sun, at least not sun light, it’s the heat that is the enemy. We don’t have airconditioning at the 13th Door.

I guess I’m crazy thinking anyone is going to feel sorry for me. I do have one of the greatest jobs in the world… scaring people. But that isn’t going to stop me from complaining about our weather and that I prefer my Denver haunted houses cold. At least I get to wear shorts to work and drink gallons soda and water every day.